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Treat yourself: Woolin & Co.

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Let's face it, everyone has those long days where all we want to do is hide from the world and create our own small piece of heaven. For me, my place of pure bliss is in my simple white tiled bath tub filled up to the brim with bubbles and soothing scents that expel from my lavender bath salts... Trust me, try it once and you will be just as obsessed as I am. Personally, I love using all natural and local products and I definitely try to use them as often as possible. But if you are like me you know finding local all natural products that smell great, work well and look beautiful isn't always the easiest task. At best you might get two out of the three... but why settle? Kaitlin Parker's company Woolin & Co provides you with all three by creating luxurious soaps that are not only great for spoiling yourself but also make great gifts for friends and family! 

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