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11 Gift Ideas on How to Spoil Your Man on Valentines

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It's easy to get caught up in the month of love with all the flowers and amazing chocolates, but don't forget to spoil that significant other of yours this month -- but we get it. He's the guy you've been with forever or you just started being together, no matter what, sometimes it's just HARD shopping for him on Valentines! (ugh boys come on!)

No worries, we did the pre-shopping for you to find some truly unique pieces that will remind him why he fell in love!

For the Sophisticated Man
Custom Wallet - $34.99
by Swanky Badger Design

A custom leather wallet with his initials? Come on, how cool is this! Something that he keeps on his person 24/7, I love this idea, and the price is great. He'll absolutely love it.

For The enjoysome Humor Man
Silly Card - $4.50
by Emily McDowell

Well...let's be honest -- sometimes a goofy card just explains it better then you can!

For the Sweet Tooth is an understatement Man
Custom Treat - approx. $36
by Treat House

Don't remember that instagram pic you guys took together and it was probably one of the best moments of your lives? Time to pull that bad boy out and send the king of sweet tooth a delicious reminder of why you love him!

For the AWE-MAZING beard Man
Homemade Beard Oil - $10.00
by Savage Gentlemen Co.

Especially in the PNW, beards are one of the most treasured thing to a man. Get him something that will nourish that beard of his!

For the Music is my Life Man
Acoustic iPhone Speaker Horn / Radio / Stereo
by B Squared Inc. - $205.00 

Hand tested by one of our staff members, this is one of the coolest sound amplifiers to date. If he has music going 24/7, this will BLOW. HIS. MIND. If you get this for him, he is one lucky man!

For the Clean Cut and Shaven Man
Razor Pit Sharpener - $25.00
by Uncommon Goods

Simple, clean cut, and quite the gentlmen -- this is perfect for actually any guy (that shaves). Not only are you providing him something to sharpen an essential tool in his life, you're also saving him money. More money, equals happy man.

For the Hardcore Seahawk Man
Custom Jersey Hoodie - $65.00
by NFLshop

I mean it's not game day tickets, but this will probably make him leap off the couch. Literally.
Not a seahawks fan? No worries, the NFL has tons of teams to pick from!

For the Self Proclaimed Geek Man
Han Solo iPhone Case - $16.00
by The Dagobah

Whether you understand the nerd talk or not, this gift will surely be a hit. Especially with the new Star Wars moving come out later this year!

For the Food Junkee Man
Mo's Bacon Bar - $8.00
by Vosges

Chocolate + Bacon. It's better the chocolate dipped strawberries (well..maybe not but whatever).

For the King of Barbecue Man
Barbecue Pack - $64.00

If you don't what the Company Man Crates is...oh man. This is literally the perfect man gift giving ever. They come in CRATES! That's just beyond awesome.

For the Gamer Man
Far Cry 4 Collectors Edition - $39.00
by Amazon 

Named one of the best games of 2014, if HASN'T played this yet, he should. IF HE HAS, this is the limited edition version, trust us. He'll LOVE it...

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